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Articles / Fighting against Corruption in Healthcare system: Mr.Birender Sangwan

Fighting against Corruption in Healthcare system: Mr.Birender Sangwan

Administrator02 Mar 2017

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When Mr.Birender Sangwan went to Metro Hospital in Faridabad in 2014 to visit his friends brother who was undergoing a heart surgery and needed a coronary stent (a tube-shaped device placed in the artery to open up blood flow) he sensed something wrong.

“My friend paid Rs 1,26,000 for the stent and I found the price exorbitantly high. The hospital didn’t provide a bill for it and I couldn’t get the price details anywhere,” he said in an interview.

Sangwan, who’s a lawyer by profession, found that under Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), the same stent was for Rs 23,000 and this enormous gap in price is what prompted him to file a public interest litigation (PIL) in 2015.

This petition led the government to stop the blatant profiteering rampant in the industry. The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) – the government agency that fixes drug prices – ordered prices of bare metal stents to be capped at Rs 7,260 and drug eluting stents at Rs 29,600.

It is understood that more than 5 lakh stents are used in the country annually. These slashed prices have paved the way for millions to have access to affordable medical devices.

Mr. Sangwan is working on price reduction in 14-15 devices that have huge unethical profits and it is alleged that importers and hospitals make the most profits here.

Thank you Birender! Great Work.