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Articles / Where is my Coffee?

Where is my Coffee?

K.Srinivasan13 Dec 2017

I am not one of those young lovers…I am not a millennial…a young techie or business executive…I don’t belong to the kind of a person you could spot in a modern coffee chain like Café Coffee day or Barista, sipping a cappuccino over an hour.

I am a simple business man…a humble small scale industrialist… a regular teacher ..or maybe a government official. Not that I don’t need to meet people, Yes, I also want to meet my colleague, a client or a friend at a common joint for leisure or business purposes. I want to spend a relatively longer time to discuss business or just chit-chat sipping a good cup of coffee. But, I’m not willing to spend 100 bucks on a cup of coffee.

So do I have nowhere to go except a regular tea shop? Such places don’t offer me the suitable ambience where I can have peaceful and long conversations. Neither do I fit into the culture at new-age coffee chains nor do their prices fit my wallet. But yes, I still a want better ambience than offered by a regular bakery or a tea shop and I am ready to pay a nominal amount for the same. While we have “cafés” and “tea shops” don’t we need some places that bridge the gap between the two? ‘India Coffee House’ used to be one such place…but it has lost its standing. So, this gap is yet to be filled.


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