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Articles / Rise of the professional consumer

Rise of the professional consumer

Administrator25 Feb 2018

By Santosh Desai, MD & CEO, Future Brands, ETBrandEquity, January 10, 2018, 06:00 IST Picture Courtesy:

I’m personally not a big believer in annual trends. I see more continuous shifts that blur into each other over years. Of late, what we see more than a central shift is fragmentation. Influences that have become much more non-linear. Here are some of the big shifts in consumer behaviour and society:

The shifts in consumer behaviour:

Personal taste as a driver:

So far, the main purchase drivers were affordability, status and belonging to a cohort. The idea of who I am and what I like corresponds to a more crystalised view of personality; the desire to be distinct rather than part of a group. We’ve begun to see a desire to define a personal style and aesthetic, a set of things I do and things I don’t. This is likely to result in more experimentation in grooming at a mainstream level.

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