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Consumer Update / Phoning while Dining impairs your life

Phoning while Dining impairs your life

K.SrinivasanCOIMBATORE13 Aug 2018

Often we find people dining in hotels busy with their smart phones rather than eating and socialising. The very purpose of dining with family or friends is defeated. In a recent visit to a restaurant I saw a family of 5 from a kid to the old, all engrossed in mobiles and tablets while waiting for their food. They had brought a mobile wify hotspot for sharing the internet access. The fact that human interactions are becoming scarce is worrisome because of the fundamental truth that human beings are social animals. This may lead to physical and psychological problems. I think we should consciously avoid carrying the mobile phone everywhere. Just one call during an important work or a social meet is enough to disturb your happiness, consciously or unconsciously.

Though there are many studies that support this, recently I came across this research which you may like to read.

Click here to read the findings.

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