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Consumer Mirror is a website,a social media, promoting freelance journalism among consumers for the purpose of creating awareness among customers to enable them make better decisions.
Consumers can post, share, discuss, comment and review on any consumer and consumption related information.

Any consumer experience can be shared. For example, any suggestion to companies, information about a new product/service in the market, news on consumer offers, and experience with a product/service can be posted.

Yes. Many consumers search for products unaware of the place/shop where it is available. So, those who know/got it after a long search may inform others through their posts in Consumer Update page.

Yes. They can write under various sections. They can’t write about their personal experience, but they can respond to a post/comment. Companies pay a registration fee to post their note about their company, products and services. Please contact us at

There is a registration process. All registered, verified members can post. It will be published after the approval of the administrator. Otherwise, Facebook and Google accounts can also be used post.

Anyone can create an account under 'Login/Create an account'. There is no registration fee for consumers.
Business representatives pay a nominal annual fee.

Any registered member in consumermirror / facebook/ google plus having a relevant and honest opinion can comment to posts. It will be published after the approval of the administrator.

Yes. You can post about any product or service from any city in India and any Country in the world. This is a web based information site. There are no geographic limitations.

Yes, Companies can advertise their products and promote their offers in the respective pages. Companies have to pay for this.Please contact us at

Yes. As consumers we all form opinion about the products that we come across/use. Only serious complaints are known to companies through court cases or consumer complaints to the companies. But, consumers may have small suggestions about the product and many of them are not known to the companies. But they are very useful for the companies to improve their products and services/activities. So, they can be posted in Consumer updates page.

‘Offers & Sale’ page brings you the offers, discounts, or any other promotional messages on various products and services. Consumers also can share any current information on offers available in the market and even their experience on benefitting from offers. Companies can post about their offers & sale details in this page.

You can reach us though 'Contact us/Reach us/Feedback' links in the home page.