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LetsShave shaving razor....good one.

K.Srinivasan13 Aug 2018

This is about an alternative to Gillette shaving razors. I have been using Gillette for many years. I am sure many of us are regular users even though these razors and cartridges are expensive, as there are no suitable alternatives. In this liberalised and globalised market, Gillette rules the Indian shaving products market like a monopoly. But, there is a new player in the market which could challenge Gillette and that is Letsshave. Letsshave has partnered with world’s leading brand Dorco, a Korean shaving products company whose products are sold across 97 countries.

As a marketing enthusiast, I was curious about this change in the market and went in for a trial pack of Letsshave. The razor was great in style and design. I felt this is a much better razor. It came along with a razor stand too. By and large, this promises to be a good alternative as the price range is lower than Gillette. But, they need to improve the blade quality, if they want to make big inroads into Gillette’s market. Probably, the steel quality in the cartridges or whatever, the shave should be soft. Not sure, if it was because of my choice of the product. However, if they pay attention to the shave comfort, then there is really a bright future for Letsshave. Nevertheless, it is worth trying. By the way, it is available only online, either through or online retailers like

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