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Hotel Saravana Bhavan - Live up to expectations

K.Srinivasan16 Jan 2020

Hotel Saravana Bhavan. A name renowned for its service, the taste and quality of the food they serve. Very familiar among people who like South Indian delights. It has many branches in Chennai and many other locations including foreign countries.

I have always enjoyed its food, especially the filter coffee. But, I have come across few incidents of degradation of its quality in taste and service. It is one of the most expensive vegetarian restaurants and hence we expect certain level of taste and service. Once, our dosa was prepared with Appam batter instead of the regular dosa batter. In its Tirupati branch, our food was served in a plastic plate that was almost like the ones in a roadside eatery. Such levels of service degradation can be easily noticed by anyone who has been visiting the hotel regularly. The reputation built over many years should not fade away because of a change in the top management. It doesn’t matter if the branch is management-owned or a franchisee. The customers should not have a disappointing experience in any case.

 Hotel Saravana bhavan, the role model or the benchmark for South Indian restaurants should regain or retain its glory.

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