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ZOOOK Speakers...Be Cautious

K.Srinivasan07 Dec 2017

I bought a ZOOOK Bluetooth speaker from TOKYO Electronics located in Oppanakkara street, Coimbatore, which sells a variety of imported goods.  I bought it since there was a warranty of one year. Within a month, even before 20 uses, the on-off button came off.  The retailer accepted to send it to company for service, but I didn’t give back the speaker and was not responding properly for 15 days. I got the company service person’s number from the retailer and spoke to him. He said the company will not do this service and he can get it done at some other place at a cost. I said Ok, but, again I was not getting the speaker for another month. Then I somehow got the contact details of the company, Fortune Marketing, which represents ZOOOK in India and contacted them.  To my shock, I got a reply to that TOKYO is not their authorised dealer and the so called company service person is not known to them. They asked me to send the speaker for servicing. But, getting back my speaker from TOKYO was a challenging process with repeated calls and messages. He blamed on the so called service person for the delay. I even thought of filing a police complaint or consumer complaint. But, my wisdom said “Wait…don’t make it complex..”. Finally I got it back after 4 months and sent it to Fortune. Fortune serviced it and sent back within 15 days, free of cost.

From this episode, I learnt that I should not buy from unauthorised or untrustworthy retailers, even if it comes with warranty. They may not be able to provide service support. It also taught me a couple of life lessons: One needs to be patient to solve any problem. Some people get angry and rush to serious arguments and complaints. This only aggravates the issue and affects one’s health. Follow-up regularly and give enough time for the people involved to get the results.

As far as the ZOOOK speakers, the quality is not that great as a product can’t fail within 20 days with gentle usage. By the way, ZOOOK has French origin and now made in China.

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